AOC Software Solution guides companies with a simple, automated process to:


Search and initiate workforce selection process based on automated skill matchup and availability
Reduced timeline


Staff, administrate and evaluate the workforce in fully integrated and guided processes


Manage all project steps in an automated, workflow driven and dynamic way. Fully integrated Skype/Teams process and direct messenger allows communication to all parties at anytime.
Increase transparency and efficiency


Analyse: Quality assessment, reports and integration with other solutions
Control, fast decisions

Client & Skill & Staffing

The solution combines the client request (specific website/tool) for a future project into an automated search tool, that evaluates the skill, costs and availability of each potential worker and allows a quick response with a quote.


Simplifies the administration of workers in regards to HR data, skills and contractual documents. Certain changes are workflow driven and require approvals from manager.

Time & Attendance

Time worked for each project can be recorded. Special functionality allows the worker to monitor the time spent on each project. Individual reports are available to overview all activities.

Project Management

Allows fast project management decisions due to workflows, clear visibility of tasks within the defined project steps, milestones and timelines.

Budget Managment & Quality

A full integrated process allows budget management on time planned and time spent during each project step.
Quality Assurance process to follow at the end of each project for all the relevant parties involved.

HR Analytics & Integration

HR analytics is a reporting tool to analyse HR data, budget, timelines, quality and data extracts as a part of integration.


Latest communication functionality with integrated messenger and skype for business is available.